Lost my regular badge!



(The title explains it)
I lost it.


It might be a bug or there's a reason you lost it. @Liza @Kiwicute2016


I checked your summary, it looks like you haven't been on enough... only 90 days for 5 months


Well I have been a regular for quite some time but now it's gone.


I think it was because you were off for a while! I was also wondering why the Regular badge is off randomly for some people... :thinking:


Oh no! Have you been visiting the forum often? :scream:


The regular badge can be removed and added again, if you haven't been on the forum for a while, then your regular badge might be removed, but don't worry! You can earn it back!


sigh* Well I'm going to have to earn it back. I use to be really active but not much anymore but now I will be more active.


you have to stay as active as possibe!


Fourth person demoted...