Lost my cloud files from today!


Username: JareTheCoder

I use an iPad 4th geb (mine) that has iOS 10.3.3 and my schools iPad that I have no clue about, but I think it is an iOS 11.

I saved my work at school and when finally got home and thought to continue to code it for a bit on my iPad I was terrified to see that I do not have the latest version of the game = lost 5 hours of work!

I have no clue how to make this happen, but I had my old version open on my iPad when I opened it. This could have written over the new version to the cloud. Is that possible? I really hope that they have a backup of my new version somewhere or I am screwed. I do not have enough time to recreate this unless I spend more of my spare time than I planned… Has any1 had this problem before nor do you know how to fix this? I sended a direct mail too, but that could take some time… and as I said earlier I really do not have too much of it :joy: Thanks!



Hmm, I’m not sure how this happened
It once happened to me when I had constantly changed WiFi
A good amount of work had been lost…

I don’t know the solution… but perhaps the THT will reply soon


Thanks anyways! Yeah I hope they will contac me, but I bet that will take time since I am not a sub. Gotta have this ready for tomorrow, but highly doubt it if I can’t recover all of this lost data :frowning:


Oh no, this is really sad!

THT doesn’t prioritize it that way, I think that there most likely isn’t a system for this. It took about a day for them to respond to an email that I sent.

This is really sad like I said, are you sure that you had an internet connection that was strong? In school, many people might have been connected to the network at the same time. But it should still be saved locally.

You are talking about that you had the project open at two devices, and that has made me lose data (only one, really small rule though) one time before.

Also, to check your iOS version on that other device, follow these instructions:


Thanks, but the issue must be that it was open on my iPad and that wrote over the cloud save with the “wrong” file. Things happen when you do not pay enough attention don’t they. The problem is we do not have personal iPads in school unless you bring your own so I Iogged out after the day. Well lesson learned and from now on I’m going to remember to close my projects :slight_smile:


What a bummer that you couldn’t recover the files. But you learned something, like you said.