Lost In Code (a hopscotch story)


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Chapter 1- More than a game:
Jasmine saw Ms. Waller's car pull around the corner and began to bite her nails. She hadn't reminded him to bring his ipad, did he remember? Did she charge her family's ipad on case he forgot his? Oh well, it was too late. Ryan was stepping out the car, with his ipad!
Then Jasmine saw another set of legs step out the car, she hadn't invited anyone else! A girl stepped out and followed Ryan to Jasmine's porch. The girl knocked ferociously on her door and screamed until Jasmine finally evacuated her shock to open the door. The girl pished right past Jasmine and into her living room then exclaimed "This house is so gross. This whole living room is the size of my shower!" Jasmine than looked at the girls outfit, it was a bery expensive brand name dress and heels. Jasmine looked at her own clothes. She wore flannel pajama pants and a hand me down shirt from her sister Victoria.
Ryan then said "Oh. Jasmine this is Katy". Katy then got very close to Jasmine and said "You ahould know me I'm captain of the cheer team at school and school president!" Jasmine then sat on her special chair and invited Ryan to sit on the 2nd special chair and Katy to the coach. "Ew, my earrings are worth more than your entire house" Katy said. This particular comment made Jasmine very upset. Katy then went to find Mrs. Finnagin (Jasmin's mother).
Ryan and Jasmine opened the hopscotch app and worked on projects that were very hard to make. Suddenly Jasmine had about 3 gallons of water poured on her. Jasmine screamed as ahe realized her ipad was glitching out, then eventually went black. It was destroyed. When Ryan touched her hand. They both blacked it.
After they woke up, they realized they weren't in the Finnagin household anymore.


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Chapter 2- Part of the code:
When Jasmine awoke her hair was wet and she didn't recognize her surroundings. She looked and Ryan was next to her, looking just as confused. They appeared to bein a field, with huge pipes sticking out of the ground? She then saw a bird navigate its way through the pipes. It reminded her of flappy bird.... in fact it looked just like flappy bird! Jasmine screamed and turned to Ryan "We're in Hopscotch!" They exclaimed in unison.
This wouldn't be too bad for them, except for the fact that Katy was controlling the ipad.


Chapter 3-Little Red Riding Code:
Suddenly Jasmine felt a wave of panic overcome her. How would they get out? Jasmine decided to look around.
They were no longer on flappy bird. It looked like one of the storybooks Mrs. Finnigan had bought Jasmine from her job at goodwill. Jasmine's family wasn't rich or poor. Her father worked for the marines for 5 years and hasn't been seen since his last time he went to work.
Jasmine looked down. She was little red riding hood! She couldn't find Ryan anywhere at all. She shouted his name but heard no answer. She decided to walk towards the little cottage and opened the door. She called again "Ryan?" She walked into a vacant door way.
"Sweetie, dear is that you?" It looked like her grandma! She ran and hugged her grandma. She then felt something was wrong.
Her grandmother was know a wolf! The wolf (wolfie) lunged at her but she moved away right in the nick of time. Wolfie growled then dove at her again. Jasmine jumped up and over wolfie and pushed wolfie onto the bed face first so he would be disoriented. She burst through the window and felt shrapnel of glass hit her arms and legs. Her braids spun around just like her.
She stood up and ran from the cottage.
In the chaos of escaping wolfie she had forgotten about Ryan and him being lost.
Where was Ryan?


Thank you so much! When this story is over there will be a sequal to this story! But that won't be for a while though.


Chapter 4-Where's Waldo?:
After awaking from a painful slumber Jasmine awoke to see that she was dressed in a red and white striped sweater and big round black glasses. There were hundreds of people surrounding her dressed exactly like her.
Aha! This must be where Ryan is! Jasmine ran through the crowd then she realized, everyone looked the same. She screamed his name about 10 times then on the 9th try she heard a faint squeak from the crowd "Jasmine? Is that you? Where are we?" they met and begin to cry. The day was almost over and they were still trapped in Jasmine's ipad.
A local came up to them and said " What's the matter kids?" it was Stargirl! "Well, we got trapped her in Hopscotch and we have no idea how to get out, we don't even have control over what game we are in!" jasmine said sobbing the whole time. " I know a person who can get you guys out of here. The question is though..." "What?"
"Are you guys ready for an adventure?"