Lost a lot of my projects after signing out!




I lost about three days worth of work across a few projects!
This is absolutely unacceptable.
I was finished resetting and changing my password via email and I checked to make sure the password change worked and I found a massive amount of content disappearing and resembling earlier versions of drafts. I can't believe Hopscotch would do something like this. I am very angry and can't begin to express how angry I am. This is not okay to do this. It will as I said, take about three full days of literally dragging blocks around to simply restore everything!
If anyone knows why this has happen and how to solve it, please tell me or if not, hopefully the Hopscotch Team can do something about it.


Oh no! That's very sad ;-;

But remember, this is a bug. The Hopsoctch Team had nothing to do with this. :)



The projects were in my drafts.


Its a nasty bug. Madi had some advice to keep it from destroying your work.

It drives me nuts when it happens. Sorry that you lost a lot of work :(


Either way, you would have no idea how much work was lost.

I'm contemplating leaving Hopscotch again!
Not because of broedom, for an actual bug that ruins everything.


They are fixing it, don't freak to much :slight_smile:


These have been happening to hopscotcher for 14 days at the minimum to my knowledge, I honestly am losing faith,


You can create backups onto your computer too.
I think.
I don't know, I've just been saving JSON files from the app that match the name of the project I'm working on and copy it onto my computer.

Hopefully they're backups...


Good idea (:




If this is a problem from the beginning of the login feature, how has this not been fixed.


Actually they sorta do because they made the code, which made the bug


That's true. But I meant that they didn't mean it, so try not to get upset at them :D


Rainboom, I don't think you understand my frustration, I lost more work than you can even imagine.


This happened to me once!

That project had a lot of hard work in it!


It affected me so badly, I lost Moon Quest 4 and progress on the many projects I keep in my draft.


I understand how you feel


Either way, I can't make up the work that was lost without going more insane than I already am from my real life pains I suffer everyday.



Long thing. Hope it's not rude

Chill m8...
Have you tried debugging code — especially code as (probably) complex and long as Hopscotch?
There will always be bugs.
Luckily for us, we have a wonderful team of people actively working to exterminate those bugs for us.
So chillax. I understand that it's frustrating for days of work to disappear like a TARDIS, but just be patient.

And also don't quit, thanks!


I'm not quitting, I'm trying to return the insane amount of progress on projects.