Losing my spark! I need ideas!


I'm not leaving, I'm just losing my spark!

I want to stay, but I have no ideas. I don't want a mass list of ideas, maybe just one or two original ideas.

You will get credit if I use your idea!



An rpg about the forum


Thanks for the idea! I think I am going to make a forum based game!


Ask @Rawrbear! @Rawrbear, может, используешь свой большой лист идей здесь? :slight_smile:


Ideas is deffinetly the hardest part of coding!! What kind of stuff do you like to make?
Simulators? (I love simulators!)
Small games?
Long games?

Then I could give you some ideas if you tell me what kind of thing you want to make :wink:
I love coming up with ideas so I would love to help!


I like simulations and small games, thanks!



Ok, I'll think of some ideas! :smiley:


Look around were you are, combind items, put them in a silly situation,





dancing potato quest

the proganist is a potato

and his name is potato

his goal is to dance in the talent show

but the evil empty water bottle wants to stop him

so you must throw cameras at the empt water bottle until the empty water bottle breaks

and then you lose anyway

because it took so long that the talent show auditions ended




but wait

what if

plot twist

john cena auditions for the exact same thing as potato

and he is working with empty water bottle

k im done


Colour Switch have made loads of new games, you could take ideas from them.


I can give you more than just a spark

I can strike you with lightning :00000000000

- Slip away in hopscotch (check AppStore)
- punny comics
- take care of a pet
- experimental backgrounds
- stuff




Okay sooooo for simulators you could do:
Cooking game
Some sort of business game
Animal simulator
Dentist or doctor simulator
Firefighter or cop simulator

Still thinking of ideas, hope I can help!


Wow, thanks! I'll try to code something soon!


No problem! Sorry I'm bad at coming up with ideas on the spot, they just kind of come to me​:laughing:
Also, are you still doing my game contest? :smiley: I am making the poll soon, so I just want to make sure you put up your link before it starts​:smiley: It's okay if you want to drop out​:wink:


I don't think I'll be able to enter the contest, sorry!


Ok, you had asked to join two weeks ago, so I can take your name off of the list! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Make a chicken flying through space eating Nyan cat