Looking forward to help making games


Go ahead! :relaxed:



Yeah! I really liked it the way you had it before, though! That way we could use it for a trailer (which is much needed!!) I had made an intro if you want to check it out in the Hopscotch Wars Part I draft


There is nothing in there


And for trailer I have even better idea


Thats weird! I'll take a look at it


Ok! What do you have in mind?


For trailer I am going to make it like coming into the screen from out side and like growing with a fast speed and then shrink and go out of the screen then is some parts of our movie and binge of those should make a trailer


Btw the intro you made is not smooth and the text is like poking out and also I didn't even read it all it just disappear and you gotta fix the speed of that space ship if you want it to suddenly appear make it come a bit quicker


That sounds awesome!! I like your ideas :slightly_smiling:


Thanks also what name are you choosing for us?
Want to make a website for us?
Want to make a simple game to make people notice us?


I made a poll in the topic "Hopscotch Wars Collaboration" I invited you to it. You can vote there. I will pick the highest scoring one. I don't know about a website... but i'll try!


Btw updated the "intro" I made check it out sigh...


ok! I will look at it!


Oh thats nice! I really like it!


Btw do I count as one of you...?


Totally! You have been "one of us" since I invited you to work on this with us!


Want me or us to make a star war game like a game trailer for our movie..
Sound stupid


Sure!! I can work on a website!


:smiley: ok I'll try to make a game


Sweet! Thank you! :slightly_smiling: