Looking forward to help making games


Hi if anyone is looking for people to work with, can I help you please? I have been searching for people to work with me, but most of them just be mean to me, I think it is because a lot of my comment got ban .-., xD but that not the point I want to make games with other coder, if you can grand my wish it would be great!!!


Do you like Star Wars? You don't really have to like it but I am working on a Hopscotch Wars project with @GiraffeProductions, @comicvillestudios, @Hoppertoscotch, @Lightningstrike and would you like to help? We haven't really started yet (just throwing ideas around so far) and we have a collab account that we are using. So if you want to help, I will give you the username and password for it :blush:.


Yaaaay... Plus 1 member!


It's gonna be a movie and it's about two rivaling brothers who are in a galaxy far, far away... lol


What time zone are you in?


Sorry I forgot the username and password

Hans whsbshabhsjsnsns


Did you see the username and password for the collab account? I had to delete it cuz I don't want someone else to see it and post weird stuff on it


Awesome, right now for me it's 8


Oh... I forgot about my time zone.. I don't live in the US, I live in Singapore. Roughly 12 hours ahead of you...

Time zone: SGT (GMT +08:00)


Sorry I forgot the user and pass can you repeat it again?
All my post is gonna be here cause I am going to run out of post


Ok! Sign into the account (if u saw the user and password) and we can talk there?


How we talk there? And can you repeat the user and password again?


I have to go... Bye!!


See ya find me here any time


Ok I have to take this down... Hope you got it!


Check out the intro I made on it


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I looked at it and I think that would make an awesome trailer! Not trying to make you feel bad or anything, but for the intro we were going to have yellow text rolling up the screen kind of like in Star Wars (if you've seen it).


Do you mind if I put this in my time zone post? :yum: