Looking for Pixel Artists!


I'm working on a project that is gonna require a lot of Pixel Art. Specifically, pixel art of Nintendo characters. If you're interested, please comment on this post with the link to the project. You will be given full credit and a follow if I choose to use yours. Thanks!


Pixel Mario? (With Classic Colors. Not Super Mario Maker Ones)


It really doesn't matter! I just want to display the talents of these pixel artists. It really doesn't matter what art style, but NES or SNES would be great.


0-bit Peach? (Sorry For Mario Suggestions But I'm A Mario Fan)


Sure! I'm looking for anything, really. Mario or not!


Or, Since You Have Blue Link As Your Profile Picture, Can I Make 8 Bit Blue Link?


Yeah! That'd be fantastic!


Sure! But I Do Not Know Which Blue. What Blue Do You Want? Fill Out This Collab!

  • Neon Blue
  • ANY Of The Hopscotch Blues
  • Your Own Custom Blue



Which One Did You Select? One Other Person Voted Also


Hi! I'm interested in doing pixel art for you, but I don't know which character I should do. If you want to see some of my pixel art, you can look up my profile on hopscotch(PixelBerry) and it will have a bunch of pixel art when you scroll down. Which character should I do?


Most specifically, I'm looking for Mario, Link (which @Pokemon101 has got covered), Samus, and Kirby.
Pokemon 101: I selected any of the Hopscotch Blues, I'm not sure who else voted.


@PixelBerry your pixel art is great. I'd love to have you on board!


Thank you so much! I think I can make a Kirby pixel art.


I made a Kirby pixel art, let me know if i should change the color or anything. Also, I found some different Kirby poses that I could make a pixel art out of. So please let me know if you want anything changed.


@PixelBerry It's perfect! I'll give you credit. My project is done, now I'm just looking for the others to finish before I publish it.


Thanks! I'm glad I could help!