Looking for partner



I've been messing around with Hopscotch for a while, and am now looking for someone to collaborate with on a project. I haven't got any ideas at the moment, but I am open to suggestions. I have heaps of experience in other coding languages, if that means anything. I have strengths in AI programming, debugging and pretty much everything else code-related. Anyone that is interested can let me know below.


I can collab!


Ok cool. What were you thinking?


I dunno! what were u thinking?


Maybe the keyboard....., just search keyboard, and I think lots will come up!


@Stampys_fans I've had a look at some projects that have been done and they weren't flexible enough. They were great, and I'm not trying to insult anyone in any way, shape, or form, but an up-to-speed, working, dynamic keyboard isn't possible without having a variable to hold the value of all the keys clicked.


That would mean THT would need list varibles :wink:


add list variables!


I think they should include an easy hack for it, to keep hopscotch simple, like pasting value=list_variable in the 2nd option of the value, and then it opens/unlocks the list blocks!
(I could provide a screenshot!


I can help! even though i am new to hopscotch I have lots of other coding experience!


Welcome to the forum, you joined like 20 mins ago, right?


I joined hopscotch a few days ago!


And I guess same name..........
(consider you a follow, from THE ORDER OF THE STONE....)
What's your hopscotch name?


(why does there have to be 20 characters?)


So people don't spam :wink: