Looking for Icebreaker and Would You Rather planning teams

Hey Hopscotchers,

We’re thinking about setting up some informal planning teams for Icebreakers and Would You Rather prompts.


It theoretically doesn’t take long for me to choose the Icebreakers and WYRs, but I usually just quickly check on the forum for urgent matters & bug reports at the moment. I don’t have as much time to browse through the submissions and choose one every day, while making sure that the selection of users are randomised enough and that there aren’t duplicates.

So the Icebreaker Planning team and Would You Rather planning team will set up a list that I can put into the automation every week.

We also like the idea of these being “by the community, for the community”, so to speak!

Description of Responsibilities

  • At the top of the separate unlisted planning topic for each, there will be a wiki that people on each team can edit. Your goal is to try and make a list of icebreakers / WYRs for each week from the submissions.
    • try to randomise the order of users who get a post, and the variety of topics discussed – or you could even choose a different theme for each week!
    • make sure that there aren’t duplicates
    • make sure there aren’t questions that might lead people to accidentally reveal personal info, or risk causing too much controversy
  • As well as ordering existing submissions, you can also come up with a few of their own if you want to fit a theme for a particular week, or if there aren’t submissions from many different users.
  • I will copy and paste the WYRs and Icebreakers into Discourse Automation for the next week, if they sound good to me.

Nominate yourself

If you’re interested, you can nominate yourself here:

Icebreaker Planning Team
  • I would like to nominate myself

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Would You Rather Planning Team
  • I would like to nominate myself

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Based on how many people are interested, we can decide what to do next. If there are a few people interested, we can set up the teams and see how it goes. If there are a lot of people interested, maybe we could rotate every few months or so.

New Form

If you’ve indicated your interest above, you can fill out this Google Form to indicate which team you’d like to be in.

[EDIT:] No longer available, please reply below in the topic if you’re still interested.

If you have any other comments or suggestions, happy to hear them too!


woah, “nominate myself” is a little scary - sounds like there is something huge happening and we need to nominate someone for the apocalypse time we’ll soon have /lh

would def love to participate in planning those! and wait, wikis- /genuine-surprised /electrically-shocked

just taking the occasion to thank you t1, pumpkin, and everyone behind the scenes for all the work youve put into these two big forum games, it really a fun event im super enthusiast to participate in every day - just a click for the wyr and a small 2 minutes (however very fun) reading the community’s reply on icebreakers. :D whoop whoop, thank you again! :confetti_ball::pray:


i love this idea! its cool that we can select the WYRs and Icebreakers if we’re selected. I’d definitely want to participate in these planning teams!

i agree, the leads and mods have done an epic job on this forum. these games are really cool!


cool, i didnt know that you could still create wikis, i saw it in the reg badge, but didnt think it was still available.


Yep currently creating wikis and editing wikis is restricted to leaders, but we can change the trust level to edit wikis for this case.

I’ll update the description on the regular badge.


oh, ok. good to know


I’m excited that I get the chance to do more in the community!


do we get to create them too?


I think unfortunately we will probably still restrict wiki creation – a leader or mod could create the wikis as needed in this case. We’re open to revising the process as we go though.


I assume the planning team people would need to be regulars (trust level wise), right?


I forgot about that aspect – I think we have removed most of the wikis on the forum. So we might be able to bump the trust level down for editing because the remaining wikis are moderated by leaders. We can handle it when it comes up.

For now, feel free to nominate yourself even if you aren’t a regular.


Based on this, how long would you like it to be (min) before a user who has gotten a post before gets another.

Ex: once every 5 days.

(You don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to (you can keep that info to the team only if you want))

I won’t be nominating myself this time since I too have a lot of stuff to take care of, both IRL (for the most part) and in Hopscotch (like creating and updating my own projects, or testing beta updates if I join any future ones).

Also because I’m not always the best contributor. I do work well with others (sometimes, it depends on the task), but I may not always have the best solutions in terms of how icebreakers and WYRs should be ordered each week… :man_shrugging:


:slight_smile: Hey! I’m nominating myself for this as I love these sort of games, recently I haven’t been too active but I’m starting to get on daily now.


I think it probably doesn’t matter specifically too much – for the existing submissions for example, I try to make sure everyone has gotten a submission around once or twice before looping around in a random order again.

That did give me an idea for another note. As well as ordering existing submissions, people can also come up with a few of their own if they want to fit a theme for a particular week, or if there aren’t submissions from many different users.


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Since there has been a lot of interest and most people voted in both polls, I’ve decided to make a form to help see what people’s preferences are. I’ve added this to the original post as well.


A person can be in one of these planning teams at a time. This is to give as many people as possible a chance to have a role, and to avoid anyone being overloaded. So this section is to help us gauge your preferences.

For Icebreakers and WYRs, these do not require prior experience. You also don’t need to be super active all the time, as there will be enough people to cover for each other across the whole period. At the end of each period, we’re hoping to give different people the chance to organise the Icebreakers/WYRs, depending on how this goes.


I can’t make the form…

It says this:

You need permissions

This form can only be viewed by users in the owner’s organization.
If you think this is incorrect, please contact the owner of the form. More information.


Ok, so quick question: do we have to do all the ‘video call with that’ stuff? Because I am so not doing that. :flushed::cold_sweat:


@t1_hopscotch Help! We can’t do the form!

Noted, hopefully t1 will fix this soon.

I’d say they wouldn’t do that.


says that for me too


you would need to disable “restrict form to your organization” or something like that - my school has the exact same thing and we must to log in in our organization google account to do a form, or otherwise itll show the screen we see now