Looking for an art partner



i feel lonely when i draw alone
so, i need an art partner
i will create an account and topic for my drawing partner(s)
i might take more than one
depends on how many ppl wanna be my partner


Whats ur hopscotch name?

Are u on hopscotch and forum often?

do u draw often?

send me a pic of your hopscotch profile and a drawing on paper pic

tag list:
@LotsaPizza no hope
@OrangeScent1 no hope
@PandaBlossom maybe
@KawaiiAnimeLuver maybe
@Bananadog no hope
@Maltese maybe
@SuperGirl3Acer maybe
@Roller_Blade maybe

Topic for my art partners!

I'd love to because I'm actually pretty good at art which is what to friends share bru I don't think I am good so eh



Art senpai wants to be partner? :00101010

tries not to faint

barely succeeds

Oh my goodness!1!! :0

I would love to! :D



I'm not on hopscotch much so it wouldn't be good for an account on the app for me :frowning:
If u pick me, maybe a forum account?


Me too! Same as OS. :D I am on Hopscotch quite often, but I don't want to log out of my account because of drafts. ;-; But I could be your partner! I think a forum account might be better. But, I'm super busy, (I'm not even coding that much right now) so I'm not sure. There is hope! XD I'd love to do it, but I'm not sure if I'll have the time. If it's ok if I only post once in a while, then that's ok. :D


@ColourfulBlack;for the account, I can do both forum and HS


Um...I'm confused. Why are u following yourself?:neutral_face:


@SuperGirl3Acer, I was on a collab account, so we each followed people.

omg I'm talking to the actual super3girlacer must calm down & breath


[quote="ColourfulBlack, post:1, topic:17861"]
Whats ur hopscotch name? Roller Blade

Are u on hopscotch and forum often? I try to be

do u draw often? YEAH!!!:heart:

send me a pic of your hopscotch profile and a drawing on paper pic:


(P.S I love your art!:blush:)


thx @Maltese @OrangeScent1 @Bananadog @PandaBlossom and @Roller_Blade for being my art partners! :slight_smile:
u guz just made my...century! XD
P.S. @SuperGirl3Acer do u wanna be my art partner? XD


I never said I'd be your art partner, it depends.


Sure! I have to leave pretty soon so I'll fill out the form when I get back.;D


Sorry it took so long!:blush:


could one say you're looking for an artner??!?! ok i'll leave XD

nah jk i'm here to apply :wink:

What's your Hopscotch name?
I'm "WaffleInsomnia ✩" in the app, but I unfortunately don't have it at the moment because school iPads ;-;-;-;

Are you on Hopscotch and the forum often?
As stated previously, I haven't gotten the chance to get on hopscotch since school let out and everything deleted, but I'm on the forum daily!

Do you draw often?
I doodle many times a day, but usually sit down and draw a sketch/actual colored, shaded piece of artwork every day (give or take a few because business ^^)

Send me a pic of your Hopscotch profile and a drawing on paper pic:
I'm going to instead scour my posts in the drawing topic for my best art bc I have none of it on my device at the moment ;-;-;-;

fan art :D

a project i unfortunately lost to the great deletion of 2016

more fan art XD

one of my previous profile pics :DD

hello. it me, eating ramen in the dark

post-finals doodle shenanigans


aaaand what is probably the most accurate representation of what i do on the forums

Thanks for looking!

~ waff


What about me well I never really draw so from now on I want to become an artist and this might be the reason why....


Will post pics later


That's amazing!! :DDD


I can't do this, I'm sorry. My iPod wpn't let me upload any more pics flr some reason.
I mean, you could judge it based on what I have in the drawing topic...
Buth otherwise, I can't.


Do I have to be on da account to be in it?