Looking for a team (!CLOSED!)



:grinning: looking for a collaboration with someone! I want someone with art talents or good coding skills. If you are up to it please tell me! :grin:


Oh, I don’t do hopscotch anymore! I could give you some tips if you are stuck though.


Also, I see you are new! Welcome to the fourm, if you have any questions, tag me like this @Doughnut_The_Hole! You just put a @ and my username next to it.


I’ve got good coding skills and I can code Trail Art, but I’m not good at drawing and I can’t share an account. Therefore, I might not be the correct person.

By the way, welcome to the forum! I hope that you enjoy your time here! :slight_smile:


I am good Can I join? At coding
I’d say Between a scale of 1-10 I’d be a 5


Thanks! :grin: Ive been here only for a day…


Also @TheAmazingJello will you be up to sharing an account with me? I’m planning to share my account.


What do you need?

Because I can provide!


I can! I’ve only been on hopscotch for 5 month but I’m pretty good at coding :grin:


Lets get cooking then! xDDDDDxDDxDDDD


I’ll think about it! :slightly_smiling_face:


@AwesomeNachos @TheAmazingJello you two are the ones I want to collab with!



I’ve been activated!


Wut do you mean activated?


@AwesomeNachos wut does you mean by I’m activated agains?


Sorry, I was reading. Just another of the weird things you’ll hear me say.


Yea! Well… the collaboration thing is already figured out.


Oh, am I not in the collab anymore?


I mean. You’re apart of it.


HOLD UP BOI! You said that awful fast! Plus I’ve made a topic for our collaboration, also TheAmazingJello is with us.