Looking for a talented coder


Hi there
I would like a talented coder to help me with music. There is a song by SqaisheyQuack on YouTube called jungle which I would like to make in hopscotch. I wanted someone good with music to make the tune and I was going to do the words. If you are interested listen to the song first and then make the song music. Once you have done that copy and paste the link to the hopscotch project into this topic as a reply. If I like it I will use it but I will give credit. I am making a blank project that you will need to make the music on.


https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xtku1huds This is where u can make the music. Please no one take my idea as I thought of it.


There is now a karaoke version out on SqaisheyExtra for anyone who wil, find it easier to listen to just the music


...I'm terrible at music...


Be positive. You're great at coding! (I'm ok with music)


If you have the time I wonder if you could possibly listen to this song and then tell me whether or not u can make it on hopscotch a


I'll try to do it if I have time :slightly_smiling:


Thanks so much
I really want to make this project bcos I love this song and I think it relates to most hopscotchers as most of us are kids and it's all about facing your fears.
But i am rubbish with music