Looking for a new coding partner!


I'm looking for a new coding partner! Reply if you want to be my coding partner.
I do:
Pixel art
Trail art
And it would be helpful if your on every or every other day!


Oohh! How about me? Please? :DDDDDD


Also, welcome! You have limited replies on the first day, so, maybe tag people (@bunninesksk) in your old posts.
Reuse, recycle, re-eat your popcorn! XD


Why not AwesomeNachos!


Welcome to the forum! Tag me anytime you want help like so: "@KVJ"!


@awesomenachos do u still wanna be my coding partner? If not I'll look for new one


Of course! But can you tell me the reason why you're sometimes inactive? :000000


Well, I'm not inactive, just sometimes i go on like 2 hour car rides to go places (sister soccer mostly) and I make stuff, just not publish it


And I'll make a thing called BananaPeel and AwesomeNachos