Looking for a job


Hello. My name is 1000001 and I am looking for a position as a cool person. I need a job because I quit my time traveling one. Please @ me when you’ve gotten over the cons and you think you can accept me.


Sunkmstudios stop it


Nice company name, unfortunately I do not join companies which has a name containing the word “sunkM”


That’s too bad. Why did you delete your account lol


I am having trouble understanding you.


Me neither




this isn’t sunk boi

this is a


@sarcastictvhead almost blew everything up


Everyone for some reason thinks Tv was Nindriod!!!


Wait why

Tv is missing

Oh no!


Because Nindriod knows Tvs passwords to her SarcasticTvHead stuff!!!


Wait he does

I was not informed he does

@petrichor bad boy for not telling me


@100 I have to go blow stuff up entertain this person



You go do that.

You’re almost as immature as @014 or @027


People who know my password: me

People who’s passwords I know: mine and also mine


Lol hi Garmadon


Excuse me but that is a genuine LEGO life Garmadon head emoji please give me proper respect.


genuine LEGO life Garmadon head emoji


@sarcastictvhead now do you understand why we mostly agree that he’s the worst centuplet?