Looking for a Coding Partner! Congrats FIFITHEFUNNYFLOWER!



So I've been thinking: Maybe I should have a coding partner!
I want to have somebody that has an interest in coding, somebody that will keep coding no matter what, somebody that wants to improve, and somebody who is committed and easy to work with.
I will only pick one partner, so no hard feelings for those who don't get chosen! Before people get mad, sign up at your own risk. I am not going to be responsible for arguments about this.

Any ideas please?

I wish i wasn't so busy so i could offer to assist you.


I could help you. If it's ok with you and @SmileyAlyssa (my coding partner)


Ok! I'll consider it. I just want others to get time to put their requests in.


I could help you! Im always looking for ways to improve (:


Thank you for the offer! I'll put it into consideration! Thank you all for asking to join!


Anybody else?


Reviving this. xD


Anybody? @smishsmash?
Reviving again. :wink:


Can you pick me please?
(Or join my Collab)


I'll think about it. I can't quite join anymore collabs at the moment.


A project i'd like to see someone make is a cookbook with real recipes from members of the forum. You could make a topic and ask for members to list hteir favourite dishes they or their parents cook and make a cookbook on Hopscotch with hte recipes and users names with the recipes.


Wow! That sounds fun!


Reviving this topic for the millionth time!


I'm a good coder if anyone need a coding partner!


Anybody else who would be interested? :wink:


Me. I want to work with you!


Ok. I Will consider, I just want to hear from others first!


@LazyLizard I can! My specialty is strategy games!


Ok! I will think about it. I just want everybody to get an equal chance to try. :wink: