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Hey peeps!

Who wants to do a collab?

Here are the rules:


2. You can't quit

3. You must be kind

4. You must do your part

5. Will be able to share a collab account

6. We must have fun​:stuck_out_tongue:

Ok so if you want to do a collab and you understand the rules then fill out this form​:grinning:

username on hopstotch:
strongest thing at coding:
weakness at coding:
Will be kind:
Will be committed:

Thanks and keep on coding​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

fyi I am only taking 10 members and due date for forms is July 15th

Please take a poll of what you think we should code:

  • trail art
  • game
  • song
  • quiz


Choose up to 2 options

Votes are public.


This is clickbait


what do you mean by that @waddlemarco


What about the Bean Boozled Collab?


I will do it!!

I love collobs


ok fill out the form @Peaches


every one quit on me​:pensive::pensive::pensive: @Kitkat26


username on hopstotch:peaches~:heart:
strongest thing at coding:art pass
weakness at coding: pixel art and music
Will be kind: ya
Will be committed:yea


good job @Peaches you are now the first member​:tada:


Can I ask the leaders to close it then?

Also, I didn't quit on you. Neither did @KVJ.

He juts didn't know we were supposed to work on it.

But whatever you want to do.


let's just leave it as it is maybe every will come back on when school starts again



Although with school starting, people may not be on as much.


My school's ending in a few weeks! Then I can knuckle down hopefully!!


ok thank you @KVJ :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


No prob :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I just hope you didn't think it was on purpose :wink: