Look what I found!



Hi I was looking online at hopscotch characters and found these new ones cool right does anyone know anything about this?


Those look really cool


Hi! They were ideas of characters, not all of them made them into the app sadly, although you really should look before you create a new topic!
I really like the girl dressed as a bunny. If you go on to the hopscotch website you may see a character, he is one of the old characters


@Lavendercupcake You said that the third one was one of the old characters. Do you know why they removed it? Just curious.


They never had that character


No I wasn't on hopscotch then, I just remember seeing a out about it


Leaked info 👁👁 :eyes: :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


I found 2 more :grinning:



Thanks for all the replays guys there really cool aren't they they should be characters!