Look how far Hopscotch has gone



Everything goes through evolution.

That is true, even human go through evolution.

I just want to show you how the old hopscotch looks like

(I found the pic in the web)

You see? The reason why I made this post is because I wanted to share the old memories we had three (or was it two) years ago.

Although I may look like I started hopscotching in April this year. The truth is that I found this app sooooo long ago, about the time when Hopscotch was like the picture.

Fun fact: My name was Eskelapamuda at that time. (It means Cold Coconut Drink in Malay)

Origin of Hopscotch

Wow hopscotch looks WAAYY better back then than today!
Can you give me the link on where you got the photo?


Yep Hopscotch has gone a loong way which is amazing! (Hopscotch is about 2 and a half years old now). I remember vaguely when Hopscotch looked like that.

This is what it used to look like April last year:

The work that the Hopscotch Team does is amazing :smile:


I remember the old Hopscotch, it ahs changed soo much both in looks, possibilities and user numbers. :yum::cat:


Wow, I never knew about this old hopscotch! (I started hopscotching early September this year)


I can't even remember the first update! I just remember that funky was on Featured a million times!


Well, The Hopscotch Team has done a great job over the years. Thank you Hopscotch Team!


Oh my. You guys are looking at that.... And we are looking at what we have now... Wow. @staff thanks so much!!!

  • sniff * WAAAAH IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL HOW FAR THEY CAME... WAAAAAH :joy::joy::joy::joy: But wow, that looks better than now! XD