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Hi loves!

I decided that (like @CreativeCoder) I wanted to put together a collection of happy messages that people have to say about Hopscotch and send it to them via email!
I will also be drawing a picture for them of the whole Hopscotch community!
So, if you want to be in this email, please edit this post with a message! I have global edit on, just click the pen and paper icon in the upper right hand corner of this post with your message!

Rules for messages:

  • Cannot be hurtful to anyone in any way
  • Must include your hopscotch username
  • Limit of 5 sentences
  • Only submit one message.

Thanks for participating!
I love hopscotch so much. The community is so friendly and the creators are here to help no matter what ^^ I love the mix of art and code and learning about everyone's stories. We all stand up for each other on HS, I love that. Thanks so much, THT, for creating it for us :D ~LP

Simple Math Equation:

Coding+Community-Hate+Love+Creativity-Donald Trump * 2000= THT

Message from TFS: Hopscotch is such a fun app. You guys did a beautiful job making this place for people to have imagination and build friendships. Coding is great, and I never realized that until I got this app! I love Hopscotch, and thank you so much for this amazing app. Also, thanks for being helpful and keeping the community happy and safe.

You guys have supported us through everything. You've inspired us, believed in us, and encouraged us from the start. Hop on!
- Intellection74
You have taught to do almost everything on Hopscotch and sometimes we have even taught you, you have created an awesome community and an awesome app! Thanks for everything, Purdue19.


Where's the edit button? Cool idea btw
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xD I love that!

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Nuu... I already sent an email to them :3


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Well, this was what I was adding..

Hopscotch. Amazing? Now, that's a complete understatement. Hopscotch is the most educational, the most kid-friendly, and literally the best coding app I've ever used in my entire life! The Hopscotch Team turned coding into one of my favorite hobbies, and part of my daily routine. Not only that, but I've made many, many friends, and even improved my art!



Maybe you can give that to them! In your own email or letter!