"Look Harder Next Time!" A New Saying! c:


I recently found out that people search before they posted, but they don't find anything.

But sometimes it's hard to look for a similar topic. I found a new way of saying it!

If someone claims they SBTP, and found sink similar topic, then say look harder next time, or LHNT! c:

Okey. Bye.


Nice idea!

But we need to remember to say it nicely :D:D


Of course!

Say it like this:

"I know you SPYP, but maybe LHNT! I think it was a great idea to create this topic, by the way! Is is ____________!"



'Bout to revive the unicorn potato rights topic :3


What I think we all need to work on is naming our titles more distinctly- naming something "Weird Glitch in Hopscotch!" isn't going to show up if someone is searching for a login glitch.


Nope, the exclamation mark makes it sound slightly mean. How about this:

"I know you searched before you posted, and thanks for remembering to! But there is already a topic about this; please look harder next time. :-•)"

And I do agree with Gilberto, he has a point. ;-•)


Oh, great, wrong account.

To the boy: Please remember to log off of this account next time! I keep posting things on the wrong account!


And saying "Look harder next time" implies that they didn't look hard before, which some could take offense to. It's a great concept, but we'd have to try to implement it in a way that nobody will take offense to. :slight_smile: