Look at the post, not the one who posted it ;D



Hi everyone! I just wanted to make a topic reminding everyone to look at the post, not the one who posted the post. :)

What I mean by this is that (for example) sometimes someone might post a topic with a link to their awesome new Hopscotch project, and the topic doesn’t get that many views because the person who posted it isn’t popular or well known at all. Then a very popular person does the same thing and their topic gets lots of views. :o

Another example would be that someone who is usually very nice suddenly makes an unrelated topic with a bunch of bad words and it doesn’t get flagged because nobody wants to flag their (usually) friendly friend. Unfortunately, the topic itself was horrible and it needed to be reported. Or in other words, flagged.

When reading certain posts, it’s a good idea to think about the post itself instead of the user who posted it. This way, nobody is getting to keep their inappropriate posts open for everyone to read or getting flagged for no reason :)

Thanks for reading this topic!! Feel free to reply with your thoughts ;D



This is so true. It happens a lot!


I saw your previous post FluffyMice X3 Thanks :)

And yes, that’s why I made this topic. I really don’t like when this happens :o


I made a topic like this once that is kind of explaining it too, but nice topic!!


So true!!! Maybe that’s why I never get replies on meh topics


Are you talking about me dude?


Great topic! I think a lot of people should read this (I’m not directing it to anyone)


Great Topic! This happens a lot. They say your topic or projects is bad but it’s actually great!


Awesome! I just read it, and it is very cool! :D
I think it’s actually good having more reminders about the same thing sometimes. Each one will have different info and having more will make the message/reminder seem more important! :DDD
Also, thanks! (^-^)


I’ve read some of your topics, and they are actually really cool KawaiiRose! I think more people should see them ;D




What do you mean? I’m not talking about anyone specifically ;)


You’re welcome!!! :D


Thanks @HopedHoper and @Explorer_!! :D


Wanna chat in meh general topik?


Sure!!! ;DDD


I stopped caring about the person who posted the posts instead of the posts itselves a long time ago