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The forum is an amazing place where you can collaborate, find friends, look for advice, and more! It's a forum held by the hopscotch team, so it is controlled. Let's get on!

The following things with triangles and titles are what you click. Everything I see split off in sections :D

Filters and Sensors



^^you see those black squares? Those are sensors. When you make a post or topic, it goes through the filrter. The filter is kind of like a system :D

The filter blocks out the words that are not supposed to be used in posts. They are usually words that are not supposed to be used in a public community. They include some very bad words.

Some words, you'll see, are sensored. I am sure that the hopscotch team made them sensored for a purpose. The sensored word that is above is bullying, so I didn't say anything bad. Don't worry. XD

Trust Levels

Trust Levels:

The following text is not written by me
It has been written by @t1_hopscotch

You might have noticed on the forum that there are different trust levels when you go to view Badges, and you might have wondered what they were:

What are trust levels?

Trust levels are a way of grouping users depending on how much time they've spent on the forum and how they've contributed to the forum.

There are 5 different trust levels on the forum:

  • New (0)
  • Basic (1)
  • Member (2)
  • Regular (3)
  • Leader (4)

How do trust levels work?

Everyone starts off as a new user (level 0) when they first join the forum. As you spend more time on the forum, your trust level will move up and you'll be able to do more on the forum, such as being able to post more replies daily. You also have to meet different requirements to go to higher trust levels, for example by replying to and hearting posts.

Why do we have trust levels?

Trust levels help stop spammers coming in and posting a million spam messages on the forum. If someone's trust level is 0 and they've just started on the forum, the computer won't let them post a million replies until it's sure that person is more trustworthy and has spent more time on the forum (and is not a robot) :smiley:

How do you move up higher trust levels?

Each trust level has different requirements you have to meet in order to reach that trust level. There is a really great post [here][1] on trust levels if you want to know more specifically about each trust level, or like in the photo at the top of this post says, you can press on the "Granted" button of each trust level badge to go to the same website.

Here's a screenshot of the website that it takes you to:

The requirements that are shown there on that website are general and the Hopscotch Team can change them to better suit this forum.

The main thing is though if you are contributing to the forum and following the guidelines, your trust level will move up pretty much without you even trying to :slight_smile: And even if you don't get a higher forum trust level and badge, the main thing is other people will trust you too :smiley:

What happens when you have a higher trust level?

You get more privileges as the computer recognises you as "safe" and "not a robot". Some of these include higher post limit, being able to upload images and being able to invite people. Like mentioned in the above question, go [here][1] for more info on each trust level and its privileges and requirements.

You also get a nice little badge on your profile too for your trust level :D

Hope that helps with understanding trust levels better and feel free to post other questions you have or share other info on trust levels :D

Amazing People

Amazing People:

If you want friends, I suggest the following poeple :D
Go ahead and tag them :D


^^Put an @ before each of those names and they will become friends with you :D

Of courses, you can be my friend too c:



Want to make bold text like that? Put two * before and after what you want to write. Make sure not to put the space in between! Do it like this: **hi**

Want to make italic text? All you have to do is put an underscore before and after the word or sentence! Do it like this: _hi_

What to make bold and italic text together? Out three *** before and after the sentence! Do it like this: ***hi***

You might have noticed the 20 character rule. This ensures that your post is useful to the topic. Want to conquer that? Put <word> an dit will make it invisible :D

Want to make a drop down menu? Click this!

On the first line, put [details=name of drop down menu]
Then skip two lines. On the line after the line skipped, write what you want to write.
Then, on the last line write [/details]

It should come out like this:




^^You see that blurry thing? If you wannna see what it says, click on it! :D
All you have to do is [spoiler] text [/spoiler]! :D

It should come out like this: hola friend :D

What about aqua font? All you have to do is <a> hi </a>!

Last one! You notice how well do this? :D
Well if you try it, it's going to turn into: :smiley:
That's because it's a hack for getting emojis faster. To make it like :D, then just out a <hi> between the : and D.

It should come out like :D



So, you will see people typing like this:

leik, laik, potatoe, omgee, or something like that. It is done on purpose and is not a typo. It is just the thing on the forum that pretty much everyone knows about. XD

People also have nicknames. Mine is Enchy. smishsmash's is smishy. Maltese's is Malty. Caramel_Puffin is puffy. CreativeCoder is Disky. Bananadog is Banny, and so on :D

For all these tricks, I did something so that it would not work :D

Profile Pictures!

Profile Pictures
Credit to @RefugeeCat for this idea :D

Wanna set a profile picture? Go on the web or anything and save the photos, as you might know. Go into your preferences:

Then click on the profile picture writing icon and choose upload picture.

If you see a profile picture with moving pictures, you do the same thing. :D

Topics That Are Good

Topics That Are Good

Follow the community Guidlines! :DD

Here is a topic portal with lots of topics XD



So, if you click on my profile picture to see my biography (bio for short) you'll see words. Just click non it again to see the whole thing! :D

Do you want to create something like that? Go into preferences as shown in the profile picture drop down menu, and find the area that say "About me" and type about you! Don't give any private information such as your address, phone number, or your full name. Be careful! Don't type too much, or else it will reach the 3000 character limit.

Can't think of anything to type? I suggest reading @Zachyswag or @Smishy'S bio for inspiration. If you want to read it, just click on the tags. :D

If you want a profile background, go into preferences, imto where is says "user background" and upload a picture or a GIF. If you want a background to your bio, like Maltese's, then go to "Profile background" and upload a pic or a gif! Ü

Creating Topics

Creating Topics

When creating a topic, you need to make sure it's hopscotch related.

Hopscotch related things include:

Coding Partner
Ask for help on Hopscotch
General topics
Topics like these

Not hopscotch related things include:

Who won the election 2016
Chat rooms that talk about random stuff
Dogs and not creating projects XD

Also, make sure that your topics are not spamming. Search Before You post. (SBYP) if you create a topic that someone else already created, then just don't create it. How do you know if someone created it! Use the search icon in the top right corner and type in what you want to search. If you want, you can use the advanced searching drop down menu :ad

Make sure you don't have titles that are click bait. Clickbait titles are like OH MY GOODNESSMY DOG RAN TO THE ZOO, but they're really about creating values. make sure your tittle is specific. If it's a bugs, don't just put BUG NOOO PLEASE HELP, but put something like TRIANGLE WONT TURN BUG. Then it gives the people specific inform if they can help or not.

Make sure to out your topics in the correct category. You have to put your topic in one of them. If it says a general topic or a topic like this, put it in the help with code category. If it is a collab or coding partner thingy, put it in collabs. If it's is a bug, put it in the bug category. :D

Thanks for reading through! I hope you learned something XD

Well, you're a pro now! I think you already know how to create and topic, since you already did. I also think you know how to reply. XD


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