Longest Movie on Hopscotch!



Look at my project, ҍմӏӏվ me not full movie. It's about two minutes long, or more. I want suggestions to make it better! It's the best project I ever made! Yet, I'm still not in featured.





It seems to have been reported :frowning:


I saw it, because it's my project. It's not reported. Everybody has made movies like this, AND it has no bad words in it


This is what I see:


Try again. Mine worked. I'll publish it again. It's weird it got reported. Nobody watches my projects


Didn't work for me I got same screen try republishing it


Yeah that's strange. I tried it too but it seems to say it's been removed.


I think I know why. Ihasfluffycupcakes used to make projects that were just fine, and they were removed for nothing. That might be happening to me now


Projects aren't removed just for nothing, sometimes we've had projects accidentally removed automatically because the app thought there was a bad word when the project was using words that were fine. (This required a lot of testing to find out though when that happened.)

If you try republishing it again and no one else can see it immediately afterwards, then maybe that has happened. I can't seem to find any version on your profile at this moment.


Probably because the word вυℓℓу was in the project


Hmm... Maybe a misunderstanding because it's supposed to be about overcoming the bu||y.


maybe.... It's strange...


Wow that's really great reasoning! In fact I did a test publish with the words bully and bullying and it unpublished automatically. So that's what's causing it.

Your project is the complete opposite of trying to hurt anyone, from the title alone, it's encouraging people to stand up and overcome, like @HoppingBanana said :smiley:

It looks like the word filter is trying to prevent anyone else hurting other people by using that word. Sorry about it removing your project :( Your project was totally fine if it had no bad words or anything.

With this, I think you could replace all your text with a different font since your project was fine, but I hope that doesn't encourage other people to get around the word filter by using a different font. You could email the Hopscotch Team as well and see if they can do something about the word filter unpublishing projects with that word, but I'm sure there are good reasons behind the word being blocked as well so I don't know about that.