Long "rant" thing and also PLEASE HELP ME

Please do not– I repeat, do not get mad at me for this, including flagging or "yelling" out of anger or such, this is just an opinion on the large amount of people leaving. So, let me start. If you intend to come back, DON'T SAY YOU ARE LEAVING! Consider it more a break. But if you really intend on leaving, and assume you'll never come back, as in ever, still. DON'T LEAVE. Unless the problems are so important you literally can never come back, please don't leave. School is considered a break, as in you can't do anything until school is over and Summer starts. BUT IT IS NOT LEAVING, more of a "I need to take a break, won't be on until Summer" kind of thing. This tells much more and also could help with the large number of people leaving because of just school. Just a large thought, guys. And please don't leave unless you absolutely have to. End of the long "rant" (if that is what I can call it)

Anyways. enough of that. Can anyone at all please tell me why this project won't work correctly, even after numerous attempts? Anyone at all? Link

If you have anything mean to say, please state to me anything I have done wrong in an orderly and at least somewhat regular manner.


So you abandoned rainart?

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First the first part I gotta say...

Some people leave because they want to. They get tired of Hopscotch. People move on. It's not like everyone has to leave just because someone aggressively stole their iPad and broke it.

I agree on the "don't say you're for sure leaving unless you won't be coming back," thing, but again. People move on. It doesn't have to be dire situations.


Its really done now, not much to add to it, with all those features idk what more to add.

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Okay, maybe more brushes?

You can't make me

I totally agree @Steelhooves. This isn't rude or mean at all, it's understandable. I agree, because there have been so many "real" leaving messages and true leaving messages.


Wait why did you link my post

I really need to turn off desktop notifications for this place

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Sorry if it offending
You said on the topic you were leaving. If it seems mean I will delete it!

No, no, I'm not offended. I did say I was leaving, and I did. I also said I would still respond to tags, but nothing else, which is what I did. Were you implying in your post that I didn't leave?

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Yep. You said that you were leaving but you didn't.
Again sorry if offending

I've been so inactive that I lost reg. I also have only responded to posts that tagged me or linked my post (such as yours). And you do also realize that the main point of that topic was to confirm rumors that all the mods were being demoted and explain why? There have been so many obvious fake leaving posts, I am just curious as to why you chose a (borderline) legitimate one as an example.

Also, your post quotes the following:

And says in quite big letters that says you agree, when I seem to recall:

If you've changed, great. But this seems to be more of a hypocritical personal attack using this topic as an excuse than an actual praise.



Sorry :frowning:
I’m very, truly sorry. Now that I think about it, it probably was.