Long Loading Today?



Guys, is Hopscotch loading projects for like 5 minutes for you? I can't even tell @Ihasfluffycupcakes something because Hopscotch is being so slow. I checked my WiFi and it's on so something must be wonky in Hopscotch. Are you experiencing this right now?


ya mine has been rlly slow... maybe to many ppl are on? idk


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I was working on a song that was really complex and it just erased all my work!!


And i am really sad and annoyed


Oh that is so sad! @PopTart0219 :cold_sweat:


I feel so bad for you it must have been really good. So you have any screenshots of it so you can try and save to keep up?


Its some orchestra sheet music so i habe it right next to me :wink:


Its 113 measures ling :expressionless:


it was slow, but I just rebooted the iPad and...


What instrument do you play?( if you do at all!🙄) I play the flute.


Cello. Body is Invalid


That's cool! Do you want to make a music comp together sometime? No pressure


Nice! Ugh I hate how it has to be 20 characters


That would be fun, yeah! Im insanley busy so I havent done any collabs