Lollypopcorn's Topic (aka awesomest person ever' topik)


@WinningMonkey I liked your projects they are cool! I hope you had a good thanksgiving :smile:


Thank you. But your projects are better, I'm not a great coder

I hope you had a happy thanksgiving too


Your welcome, and thanks. But I don't think either are better. Everyone including me lol needs to practice to get better :smile:


Congrats on the featured!

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Lolly, see my new topic! It's hopscotch loaded for me

Well, what topic is this? What about your and crazy's gt?


Now the title is accurate.


Tanks so much!

ahh my cringy old general XD XD


It's mai old general, I made a new one cuz this one was too lazy and too blah and I share my new one wif crazy ;D


Waaaaagh thanks so much!

You better than me at everything tho X3


( ̄^ ̄)Lies.


Nuuu it's da truth ;D


List everything I'm better than you at?


Everything that nindroidgames is better at
Don't take this seriously

  • Coding

  • Everything


Ninjago-ing. That's pretty much all.


@DECODECO @ValueGamesStudio they are totally better than me at everything!


That is the truth.


No, your better at everything ;0