Lollypopcorn's Topic (aka awesomest person ever' topik)


@lollypopcorn your new general topic XD?


@lollypopcorn hi !!!! Is this ur GP???



Lol this one is old, I have a better/newer one ;D


I h8 u @lollypopcorn


DO you?

That’s odd.

Maybe say why


She’s all “I just pretend to be on tht”


And why would that make you hate her?


Cuz she also is so good goody


And why is that a reason to hate her?





That’s it?

It wasn’t a yes or no question


Minimum ok …


I know, but I guess there isn’t anything we can do about that :sweat_smile:


Excuse moi?!


Seriously? Wth dude.

Dear @FloatableHorseshoe, do you understand that you make her feel bad?
What if I tell you that I hate you? Will you smile or feel good? Definitely not. Even if you’re joking, this might be considered as bullying.
So, I recommend - really recommend - to apologize, if you don’t want to get suspended.


@FloatableHorseshoe this is a forum for people who like to code to talk about coding on Hopscotch. It is strictly NOT a forum for fighting or anything of the sort but look where we are. Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but keep it to yourself if it is going to hurt someones feelings! Honestly, think before you post these things. Would you like to get hate comments from people online? Probably not.


Thanks @GoatLord and @DMF and @Petrichor :D


@FloatableHorseshoe there was a reason that your other topic was unlisted and flagged, please remember to follow the Community Guidelines :slight_smile:


:rage: >hdjdgevdyrndhdndhrebdbeg<


I rlly don’t care if I say I h8 me


I agree with your bio. All people do now is talk about yams. It’s just a try hard copy of the potatoes 2 years ago