LollipopCat's General Topic! Filled with rainbows and unicornial potatoes! Q&A as well!



Idek what to do XD

That's why I asked you, I'm horrible at making decisions for anything.


Hellooooo! I'm here!



One question.

Do you have any reason for your profile pic being a dog in a taco?


I read it :grin: @LollipopCat


I think I'm gonna make a general topic too. What do you think?


Yeah! It's a fun place to talk to peeps!


Nope. I just found that and it was adorable so I used it. :wink: Sorry if it's offensive to vegans... I just rlly loved it.


Thank You!

I was thinking of doing a Q&A.

So any questions for me?

I won't answer them if I think they are too personal.


I'll be off for 10 minutes


What digital art program do you use? I've been saving up my money for the past 3 months and I think I have enough money to get a drawing tablet.


are you still online @LollipopCat


@ExquisiteSoup I use Procreate! It is like $7 but it is so worth it.

@blog yes I am online now


Huh. I checked it out and it looks awesome! I actually might just get Procreate with my 15$ iTunes gift card, and buy a stylus that actually works. My finger does not work for some reason.



No, ok.


Weird. I use an Apple Pencil beacause I have an iPad Pro.


whats your HS username


My HS username is ArtisticallySimple


mine is blogmas :relaxed:


Cool! I'll check that out!


Thxs I am serching yours up