Lol this is so funny, really it makes no sense


@liza why didn't you suspend Anonymous, poptart0219, and superswaggy when superswaggy started the fight and they were meaner than I was??
So apparently reviving old topics to tell someone you didn't think k what they posted was nice and another person starting a fight about that gets you suspended.
And I didn't know PMs weren't allowed. There was no reason to suspend starry and thepickle. And you should have suspended razor, he was in a PM as well. And anon said he was gonna make a pm!
But a bright side is that suspensions aren't really big deals to me, I find them good for studying and YouTube. I am the only kid in my family who got all A's on their progress report. I got to watch a bunch of cool prank videos so I know how to do some pranks now. And suspensions are fun!!
But don't suspend @Ella_13 ever again please. She's my friend and the pm made me feel better.
Not that I want PT or anon suspended but it isn't very fair, Liza.
Don't flag this please


There was a fight..?


Dunno what happened but it's best not to put some more beef on the forums for now.


Let's leave all the suspension business to Liza. Also, razor has a point.


Ohh man everybody grab your fire extinguishers


There was a suspension?


Thanks friend;) I have a long speech coming up


There's a lot wrong with what was just written. If she isn't following the community guidelines, she will get suspended. You can't just go up to THT and ask them to never suspend somebody. That's like playing favorites.

Again, a lot wrong with that. Would you rather get a longer suspension or even a ban or something else?:thinking:

Besides, you shouldn't try to bring attention to the situation. @Razor's situation was different because he felt that he was framed.


@AlohaHawaiiStudios Actually @KayKay is right. Suspensions are awesome

And what kaykay meant was it wasn't fair to suspend me if they weren't gonna suspend razor

And razor thought he was framed because my man was accusing him of doing the same thing as me yet he wasn't suspended


You're back aaaa I missed you so much


Hey I saw that, you can stop gossiping now.


Funky left the building



People like you regret my presence on the forum


Suspensions are fun in my opinion, DUDE.
I get to watch YouTube a lot


Ok, wait. Who got suspended? And why? I missed something.


A bunch of us got suspended for PMs


Ayeee I love suspensions. They r awesome. It's also a lot of fun to visit the forum without being logged in and look at everyoenngossiping about uā€‹:thinking: @Razor listen I don't wanna sell u down the
River but it isn't cool how u r making fun of little man. Apologize and be the bigger person. He will stop


Really? I know that they aren't for you. Why did you create another account when you got banned instead of just watching YouTube?


Cause that was banned not suspension

(Just guessing but that's was probs the reason)


Because I was getting bored and YouTube had nothing I wanted to watch ATM and I missed my best friend phase and Ella and PT, sassy pants