Lol bye whatsit to u

puttin this in meta forum so i can see it when im offline, dont change it so just

i can t


What’s wrong? Are you leaving?


and everything
i don t even know anymore


Can you tell me what’s happening? This is a sudden decision…
Are you okay?


i can’t be here anymore
i love you all so much but this place is terrible for me
it’s like poison it’s seeping into my brain
getting on is a reflex i don’t want to have
i’m sorry @OnnieFriends


What onnie
Ok I can’t change ur mind
U will be missed
Don’t ask about my pfp


I’m sorry bye then

In a while crocodile


I see. That happened to me too and I understand how you feel. The best thing to do is to just take a break so you can control the “poison.” But now I’m able to control when I log on and off and the forum well it’s just a side thing and not that much of my life anymore and not what you call a "reflex."
Well good luck and hopefully you can get over it!


last post
peace out y’all
if u want closure go to my post on the “don’t come in here” topic


@OnceUponATime plz don’t, I remember the first time we talked. It was an amazing time talking to a senpai, I don’t want to lose it. But if you really want to, goodbye frenapai you will be missed. Have a nice time IRL! Bye ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-;


What closure topic? I can’t find it




i’ll miss you onnie

remember, you’re the incredible general of mosquitoes. :P

have an incredible life, go do awesome stuff!


see you somewhere lyra…soup everyone else


Onnie I love you and you never forget that

Even when times get tough


I hope
You thought I was your friend


Bai Lyra

kygue ngfwjcyfjcfhsvmgj,vjgs


Good luck.


We well all miss you it always hurts to see someone leave.

I never thought you would leave though.

I hope you have good time in the real world



oh no is she gone?

well goodbye. you were always really nice! :(