Logo Requests? 😃😋



Im dying i need to do logos


Yes please! Thank you so much!


Ok, I guess I'll have one.
Background colors (1 or 2): Light blue and purple
Name color: Neon
Emojis: Comet emoji
Hopscotch username: KawaiiPixie


okay, this is waaaaay annoying, you can tag me, but not in these giant spam columns, tag me and maybe 3 other people and it's okay, but I don't want to be part of these giant lists of tags


Ok just fill out the form at the beginning post


We want a logo we will take a picture of the logo we want.


Background colors: HSB 124,97,59 and HSB 348,97,52
Name color: HSB 294,4,99
Emojis: my phone is iOS7 so I can't type them, but unicorn, eyeball, and :cat:
Hopscotch name: hansonnoah






It's so cool! Thanks!


Your welcome :relaxed:


It's awesome,


Color : Light blue HSB (199,20,100) and HSB(394°,24.3,100)
Text color white
(Can you make my name 3D With white and purple?)


Yes ill do that in a few minutes and @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf your welcome


Sorry, I Just Changed Into This New One! :grin:


Tag me for polls only please!


can i have a logo???


Does anyone want a logo from me? You can have anything you want on it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And 2 name colors


Sorry, I already have a logo. It might need some updating though...d


Could you make a grey and blue backround with a robot? Thanks :slightly_smiling: