Logo Requests? 😃😋



Im doing logo requests now! Yes i know there are a lot but im doing mine on hopscotch. Please fill out this form an it should take 10-15 min maybe. And they will be smooth


Background colors (1 or 2):
Name color:
Hopscotch username:

My Logo
Hiimnew's logo
VirtuousBasketball's logo
LavenderStar's logo


Background colors (1 or 2): aqua and violet
Name Colour: any neon
Emojis: :laughing::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:🤑:art:


@Stampys_fans logo


Kewl it was raining then it turned to snow
EDIT: its really coming now!

whoooo most snow weve had this winter!


Can you do a request for me?


Yes just fill out the form


Background: blue (Royal)
Name color: neon orange

Emojis: :grinning:
Username: Hiimnew


Ill get to it after i faint faints


K im starting


Done. Just look at the first post


Could you have it like raining basketballs?


Yes but I'm going to a party right now so I'll do it when I get back. Also what colors do you want


Blue and green please


Hi awesome wolf! Thanks for inviting me to the conversation. Can I please have a logo? Here is the form fill out below:

Background colours (1 or 2): Neon pink and neon yellow.
Name colour: Neon purple
Hopscotch Username: MimiKitty789

Thanks a lot awesomewolf:grinning:


I have finished
@MimiKitty789 logos
Any more?


@AwesomeWolf18 may I have a logo?
Background Colors (1 or 2): Navy Blue and Light Purple
Name Color: Aqua
Emojis: :sunglasses:✌🏻️
Hopscotch Username: LavenderStar :purple_heart: :dizzy:


@AwesomeWolf18 sorry to rush you, but are you working on my logo?


Yea i was watching a movie


LavenderStar's logo


Thanks loads awesome wolf!