Logo Requests? 😄


Does anyone want us to make a logo for them? You can allow me to check out your projects on Hopscotch or you can fill out this form:
Background Colors:
Smooth or no?
Name Color(s):
An example


An example


THE ORDER OF THE STONE, for a logo plz...



Background Colors: Dark pink and tan
Smooth or no? smooth!!!
Name: PopTart0219
Name Color(s): dark purple and blue
Extras: some falling random colored dots Maybe?


I will start both ASAP


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Would you like light blue or dark blue?


Light blue please (in)


I would like a Logo please.

Background: Green and blue
Name colors:Pale green and light gray
Extras:Black sun


I would like
Smooth background. Yellow and blue
A sun in the corner
And a guy at the beach


I would like a logo please!

Background colors: (HSB 225,46,92) and (HSB 174,47,92) and (HSB 248,27,96)
Smooth or no: smooth please
Name: Whalephin
Name Color(s): (HSB 181,100,28)
Emojis: No thanks :smile:
Extras: whale emoji (:whale:) & a dolphin emoji (:dolphin:) falling down

Thanks @UptownStudios!


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Yes we have started your logo


Thanks for the example! I love it :D.


Background Colors: black and green (neon green if you can)
Smooth or no? Smooth
Name Color(s):white
Extras:a dragon or dinosaur(or both) trying to destroy my name but can't


Background colors: purple and turquoise
Smooth or no? Smooth
Name: Glitter Kitty
Name Color: hot pink
Emojis: 🦄🤓:smiley_cat:
Extras: maybe have the emojis falling?


Background: Gray (Black and white)
Smooth: Yes
Name: Anonymous
Name Color: Inside black, outside white
Emojis: No thanks
Extras: Can the logo be m forum avatar (headless guy)
So put that on top and Anonymous on bottom. Thanks!


Name: AwesomeWolf18
Background Colors/smooth: teal, neon green. Yes smooth
Name color: grey
Extras: have :dog2:, :feet:, and 🤑 Emojis falling