Logo Requests: Hopscotch AND Forum!



Hello! With the release of @SmileyAlyssa's Draw Pad/4 Draw, I am starting logo requests! I have a form on Hopscotch, but you can use this, too!

Username (on Hopscotch): ___________________
Emoji: __________
Slogan: ____________________________________
Pattern: ______________
Pattern Color: _____________
Background Color: ____________

I'll work on it not too long after you reply. Anybody want an awesome logo? :heart_eyes_cat:


Sorry I already have an AWESOME icon...


Oh, OK. I'll work on that now!


OK, I finished it. How do you like it? Sorry the rest of the draw pad got in the way, you can crop it later in Photos.


Wow! Cool! I didn't think anybody would be using that pad! Yay!


Thanks. It looks Great!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
I'll now crop the image and use it for my profile pic.
In future if you need a favor, i will be glad to help out.


It's awesome! It's like @Valgo's Kaleidocosmos and CheerfulOwl's drawing pad! It should be on Featured! :blush:


Thanks! Also,I followed you on Hopscotch! I think it was you anyway...


Yeah, the pad is awesome! Great job!


Yes, that was me, @SmileyAlyssa. I almost PASSED OUT when I saw that you followed me! Thank you SO MUCH!!!


Anyway, back on topic… :wink: