Logo Requests? 2


Would anyone like a logo?
If so please fill out this form:
Background Colors (1 or 2):
Smooth or no:
Name Colors (2):
Here is an example:

We will be making up to 10 logos, so request fast!


Background Colors (1 or 2): White and Green!
Smooth or no: Smooth please!
Name: Phase Admin
Name Colors (2): Black and Yellow!
Emojis: The Crescent Moon! :waning_crescent_moon: or :waxing_crescent_moon:
lease do mine and give me link when done!


I love it, thanks so much!


Colors:blue and gray
Name colors: Green and white
Emojis: :dog: and :sunglasses:


Cant like so likes for all: :heart: :heart: :heart:



I did a different one is this ok?: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xqltj6pys


That is so cool! That is even better!!!!!!!!! I :heart: for you!


@UptownStudios are you writing as beanthebean27 or volcanic yogurt?


Thank You! :slightly_smiling::kissing_closed_eyes::slightly_smiling::flushed::kissing_closed_eyes:🙃:flushed:🙃:kissing:🤓:disappointed::sunglasses::kissing_heart::yum::worried::slightly_smiling::relaxed::kissing_closed_eyes:


Backgroung Colors: Blue Yellow
Smooth: Yes
Name Fun_in_the_Sun CF
Name Colors: Red Blue
Emojis: :sunny:
Extra: None


BeanTheBean. I'm the only one who's ever on the forum


Can u send a link with mine when ur done


I will send everyone their links once their logo is finished :+1:


K heres a like :heart:


Question @Follow4LikesOfficial How do you make a poll?


- Option one(remember the space!)
- Et Cetera

But spell pol poll

  • blah Blah
  • Blah
  • potato



Thanks gvutvhgvyibuyvuv


Should I make a separate topic with the links to the logos or post them on this one?

- New One
- This One


I messed it up but answer below