Logo Reguests 4 Hopscotchers!😜


Hooiiiii! I am currently taking logo/ avatar requests! This will also be for HS!

Words, letters, ect:


Why is nobody wanting a logo?


Can you do backgrounds? I would love a background for the forum! Here is the form!
Colors: Light cool blues
Words, letters, ect: WynterDiamond
Shapes: snowflakes/stars
Extra: nothing else. Thanks!


Ok I'll start working on it


Which stars? :sparkles::star:️:star2: I just want to know


Do you have these - β˜…β˜† and these - ❆ ❅? If not, these are the ones that I would like. You can just copy and paste them from here. If you have already gotten far into your project, you may use these stars - :sparkles:




Thank you :wink:


You're welcome! :wink: how do you like it?


Is it good? I'll redo it if you want


You don't have to redo it! (Take a look at my profile!) :wink:


Oooh, I love your profile background picture!!