Logo Quiz Collab



I'm gonna make a logo quiz with 20 levels!

I need 8 ''helpers'' each one make 2 levels,
If there's an level you made you get credit!
Im gonna make 4 levels.
You choose your own level.

Because there is an hacker we dont share passwords we share links.

To get the link of a project: go to an project > tap the 3 dots > tap share > copy link > go to the forum and paste it!


I'm here!!! I would like to sign up!


7 mode needed


Which logo's do you choose


Can I join and are these like company logos.


I want to do my logo that I made!

Strike Force Kitty collab!

@BlackDawn you can join!
6 needed
@Hoppertoscotch, sorry but thwy have to be company logos


Ok, I hope you like sweets.


Ok then.....has anyone done Google yet? If not, I will.


Google and ...
you need 2