Logo competition!


I was looking at some topics in the forum, and then I realized: I need a logo! So I decided to make it a competition. Anybody can enter, you just need to tell me.



I'll try to do it.

I'm in!
Is there any form or anything?


I tried


Oh and can you tell me what you like, favorite animal, etc.


Here's a bad one


Ooooo.. Fun. I need your 4 favorite colors, and 3 favorite emojis. Tag me when you answer.


@Kitkat26 my 4 favorite colors are red, blue, orange, and green. My 3 favorite emojis::skull_crossbones::turtle::smile_cat:
@MrHotdog64 favorite animal, turtle. Favorite colors, see above favorite video game is obvious, And favorite movie is Now You See Me. Also, there is no form.

I will make a separate topic for doing all of the polls, you can submit your links here.


Is it ok if I re do it


K I updated my entry

Sorry for watermark

You could crop that out :P


Yes it is. I don't have a deadline yet, so I'll just wait until everyone is done. You can also drop out anytime you want.


Omg you know that movie?

And thanks!


But I have some questions
What's your favorite color or colors:
What's your favorite animal:
What's your favorite font:
What's your favorite shape:


It is one of the best movies ever made. Also, Morgan Freeman.


Dude I love that movie!


Favorite colors are red and blue
Favorite animal is a turtle
Favorite font is Comic Sans MS
Favorite shape is a square


Oh, do you mind if I make a gif in Adobe Flash? (The animation software)


Although I had to watch it like 3 times to understand it. Especially the stunt with the car. We can talk about it more on hangouts, it's getting a little off topic.




That's even better than a drawing!


Thanks : D