Login/logout please help!



My hopscotch is the iPad version but it is not the same layout like the photos I've seen and also it doesn't have a logout button? Please help @liza


The logout button was removed due to bugs. Can you send a screenshot of what your Hopscotch looks like?
Thanks, CeeCee :wink:


The Hopscotch Team temporarily removed the log-out button in the current update to stop a bug that was happening.

But they will be adding it in again soon in future versions once they've fixed it up :smiley: so maybe that's what you're seeing!


Thanks but I have NEVER had a logout button :sweat::innocent: @t1_hopscotch




Hmm did you update to a version of Hopscotch where you made an account? If not, make sure you update.

If yes, maybe you recently updated but missed out the update where they had the log-out button.


@t1_hopscotch yes probably


Thanks for sending the screenshot @Trendygirl do you think you could show us a screenshot of your profile from your view?


Okay @Trendygirl so you've made an account and password? (That's what I mean by making an account, sorry if i wasn't clear :sweat_smile:)

*sorry a note, I am going off the forum now because it is night where I am, I'm sorry ):




@t1_hopscotch ok then, umm no I can't remember making a password


Ahh okay then you probably haven't updated yet. Update Hopscotch so that you'll be able to make an account with a password :smiley:

Then you'll be able to log in and out of different iPads (when the Hopscotch Team fixes it in the next update that will come out later) :smile:


Thanks, @t1_hopscotch!

@Trendygirl, everything looks good to me! I think you have the lastest version. As @t1_hopscotch said, we pulled the logout ability very quickly because it was broken.

No worries, though, it will be back in about 3 weeks! Stay tuned!


Yes! It got updated! Thanks @liza