Logging In Problem



I was trying to log into my account on my iPod, but it said

"PopTart0219 cannot be accessed from your IP address"

What does that mean? Did I do something?

Please halllp




Is it possible that a user was blocked under the IP address you have? Can you post a screenshot of the message?

Where are you when trying to log in?


Into my iPod about 20 feet away in the kitchen


Welp. I dunno. ;-;

I guess if you code on your iPad a lot, your account wouldn't recognize your iPod's IP address?

If this is the case, then try logging in on your iPad.

(Also, what @Gilbert189 said)


Well, IPs are based on location.

@PopTart0219, that's strange, have you ever had this issue before?


The password is right, I'm not blocked or suspended (I just checked), and the username is correct… :0




Can you take a screenshot?


So you're telling me

I have to

Get up

Go 20 feet into the kitchen

And log in again

Have it fail

Then take a screen shot

K sure


Wait we got a problemo

What about the part where I have to post it to my account and the screenshot will be on my iPod

And I can't get into my account

On my iPod


Maybe just take a picture with your iPad, or send it from your iPod to your phone?


Did it again

Hold on I gotta test something


Wait imma make a new account and see if that works


K so it legit won't let me make a new account from it




Why u no work


Anyways it won't let me log in and it won't let me make any new accounts…


Have you tried deleting your other accounts?




I have like, 2 others that are connected to me and one isn't on this IP


And it's also not letting me delete the only one ties to me (the other one doesn't pop up)