Logged out of account and can't get back in 😣



Hi guys!
@Liza @Ian Ugh, I accidentally logged out of my account without an email... :confounded: I sent the Hopscotch Team an email and everything, so I am waiting... does anyone have tips on how to log back in, like what name to use?

Thanks!! I can't thank you enough!!! I need a thank you tank and helicopter!!! I need a truckload of thanks!!! :sweat_smile:

THANK :bullettrain_side::taxi::blue_car::taxi::blue_car::bus::trolleybus::minibus::fire_engine::police_car::ambulance::fire_engine::minibus::minibus::ambulance::police_car::truck::articulated_lorry::truck::articulated_lorry::truck::articulated_lorry::truck::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::helicopter::helicopter::helicopter::helicopter::helicopter::steam_locomotive::steam_locomotive::steam_locomotive::steam_locomotive::steam_locomotive::steam_locomotive::steam_locomotive::steam_locomotive:YOU

And yes, I am getting off topic. :sweat_smile:

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No that has happen to me to and I can't get back in right now.


How about logging in with the account name?

Like this

Username: Rawrbear or Balackdawn
Password: Whatever it is... I don't know...


I can't remember my pass code.


Well, I don't remember my username that well, and I have tried pretty much every single password ever. :laughing: It is literally:

MK37C - Rawrbear - HÄ

And I don't even know if that's right. :laughing:

But still, Thanks:truck:!


Glad to help

  • I'm in a bad mood right now...


Aww, bad mood? Extra thanks to you :car::ambulance::blue_car::police_car::taxi::fire_engine::taxi::articulated_lorry::tractor::minibus::car::tractor::car::articulated_lorry::fire_engine::car::fire_engine::ambulance::blue_car::tractor::taxi: :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


I LOGGED BACK IN!! I sent them an email by pressing "help", and I put in my username. What happened is that he responded, and he reset my password. I entered my username (which actually isn't that hard after all xP) and I got it! Thanks @Ian !!! :taxi::ambulance::minibus::fire_engine::fire_engine::blue_car::ambulance::bus::articulated_lorry::truck::bus::articulated_lorry::truck::articulated_lorry::articulated_lorry::taxi::taxi::articulated_lorry::rotating_light::truck::bus::police_car::fire_engine::taxi::minibus::ambulance::taxi::minibus::ambulance::fire_engine::bus::trolleybus::articulated_lorry::truck::fire_engine::bus::truck::fire_engine::truck::truck::blue_car::minibus::fire_engine::tractor::blue_car::truck::blue_car: (read earlier posts for reference)