Locked Out for real?


Help! I got into my other account for art and when I tried to get into my regular account, I couldn’t. I did the exact same name and the exact same name. What happened? I don’t want another account. I was doing so well in mine.

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Gobli's General Topic II 🤔

Email help@gethopscotch.com I’ve done it before when that happened to me!


Wow. That’s really something. :fearful:


It did that to me once. I just used my email instead of my username. That is the only time it has happened though.


I don’t have an email, but I figured it out. I’m not locked out anymore


Okay, good. Idk why it happened.


I sent this:

They auto sent this:

Then they sent this:


To create a under 13 email go here:


Another good one is zilladog.net.
I say ‘good’ but I mean ‘bad unless you have infinite money and are a six year old’.


@SummarianStudios can you go back to your account
again? I’m worried. :fearful:


Yes read it


Hey how about creating an email account at ■■■■■. I have one


G m a i l…


You should delete that post.


Thanks for the concern @WaterFlame, I was able to :slightly_smiling_face:


I was locked out too. I just reset my password.


It happened to me too! Because of that I created a backup account


Why do you think I should delete it? @RubyWolf1


Locked out? This happened to me too.


I was locked out of my account once so I created another one called ChinchillaCheese or something but then I tried again and I got into my old account again. But now I’ve got a coding account which people KNOW is me so I can say I’ve been locked out of one of my accounts. And I forgot the password for the ChinchillaCheese account but who cares?