Local variables not cascading into If Then

@Yuanyuan @t1_hopscotch, here’s another case where the HS player isn’t working correctly

Local variables are not cascading into If Then blocks when Set immediately before

This simple code produces “Broken”


yep, atm for temporary fix just add a Wait(0) after Set Local Variable To


Have experienced that before.
A bit annoying
But you can follow @anon82626866’s at the moment (add a wait 0)


Good comment. I should have mentioned that. The caveat is that if you expect/need the Set and If Then to both execute in the same frame, then you won’t be able to use a local variable. In that case, you’ll have to switch to an object variable.


This is the same issue as the Repeat/Conditionals/Set Variables are broken bug (similar to the example that Petrichor posted here Repeat/Conditionals/Set Variables are broken - #16 by Petrichor)

It is fixed in the new web player version 1.6.0, so it will run as expected without having to add the Wait 0 block in between. (Just don’t have news yet on when it will be released)

The local variable does cascade into the Check once if / Repeat containers in both cases, but the issue was the player execution — relating to when the local variable is set and its value is checked.


Thanks for the insight t1.

Want to just close this since it’s the same issue?


Will you let me know when that gets released to the public (or when you get the news of when it’ll release)?


Sure I’ll close it.

Yep I will let you all know, and I can tag you personally as well if you’d like the ping.

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Ok, sounds good :+1:

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Same issue as Repeat/Conditionals/Set Variables are broken.