looks ike loads of characters have been removed!


There are a lot of posts and topics about characters. Next time you could try searching your quetion before you create a topic.
Draft Characters

Draft Characters

Draft Character


Like @DragonLover975 said, please try searching for your question before you ask it, @Blowing_Bubble
Also, I'm pretty sure these characters are not actual characters, whether they were drafts or actually in the app. I've been on Hopscotch since 2013, and none of these characters have ever appeared. I am fairly certain that these are just drawings made to emphasize the point of Hopscotch.


P.s. These character are not meant to be in hopscotch. They're just there for illustration...


The best thingy is that they pop up on this game @DragonLover975 @Giraffedolphin26 @comicvillestudios