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So I was just wondering how could you get a phrase to appear when loading a project?



This can go in the YCTAYHCH or Y-Taco, want me to ping you and some users who can help you there?


Hey GalaxyBoi, questions like these that have to do with coding can go in this topic!

If you need anymore help trying to decide whether or not to make a topic, try these simple steps:

  1. If what you are making a topic that can be asked and easily answered in another topic, then go ahead and ask there (all coding related questions like this one can go in the one above)

  2. If you think that you need a topic for your question / bug, search for topics that may have already covered your problem. Most likely you’ll be able to find your solution just from reading past topics!

If you have any more questions you can ping a leader or just tag me @TB23 :))


looks like this topic will help explain!

this topic may be outdated - but perhaps there’ll be some more opportunities in future? :eyes:


You can’t (anymore)

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Wait I’ll just do it myself

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