Loading problem? Maybe...? [SOLVED]

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Koala Krazy
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Ok it’s not really a coding “bug”, but it concerns me.
This pixel art is a big project, and it has some loading “errors.” Whenever I press “play project”, the screen goes black for a tiny bit. Like half a second, then it displayed my screen, and plays the project normally.

Also sometimes the project freezes and wipes the screen. I have to exit out and open the project again. Is this caused maybe by a large amount of objects in the projects? I’m getting concerned that the effect may become more of a problem as I make my project bigger, and it might malfunction and/or delete my project.

Steps to make the problem happen:

  1. Open project.


I expected this to happen:
Project opens and immediately does what it’s supposed to.
But instead this happened:
Screen goes black for a split moment, then continues to normal.
Here’s a sweet screenshot:
Don’t have one :/

Ok I’m sorry if this is a normal bug that has been asked about and there’s already a solution, and I just created a topic for no reason



I think the FPS is too low.
@AwesomeOnion @ana @rodrigo


For a large pixel art I was doing, it would have glitches like this but it never really became a huge problem. If your worried it might delete things in your project though, maybe you should make a duplicate of the project every once and awhile just to have a back up


I’ve duplicated it twice but thanks for the info


I think that you should ask THT and see if they can debug your draft.