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When working on a project, I switched to another app for like 1 second. When I switched back to Hopscotch it crashed, and now the project I worked on will just show this loading screen. I can go into the code, but I can't play it.

I'm using an iPad Pro with iOS 10.0, and my username is Creations Of A Noob.


I think this bug has been reported before...

So, you can see the code, but you can't play the project?


Yes and yes.

The bug have already been reported, but they said in an update that they fixed it, I think.


That's weird. It's happened to me before, except it stopped once I exited the project and app completely and went back in.


Same. This still happen to me so I stopped coding and start watching YT. XD


That happened to me before. Now it happens sometimes but then it's not loading a long time.
I hope they fix it to you.
@Liza @Rodrigo


Same goes for me. Does it show the

"WOMP! Something went wrong with this project"

message? I always fix it by reloading the project.


No, it doesn't, and i've tried restarting Hopscotch but it doesn't work.

@BB-Box Yeah, me too.



Still? Not fixed. Well maybe this is improved, but not fully fixed.


This still happens to me, but i can fix it by restarting hopscotch.