Llama Squad [FULL]



Hola frens! I have seen a lot of llamas on Hopscotch and of course who cannot like llamas. I am making a llama squad. We will code and live llamas, but there are only five spots.

Reply with your HS username and I will check out your account


The members are




Thanks for tagging me!


I fixed the title


You are in! Congratulations


My username is bluedogmc! Lamas for life!


Accepted! Yey congrats


Thank you!

Also, thank you for tagging me! :3
woops, I already said at XD thanks again! ^^^


Woah, how did you get that title?


@PopTart0219 did it along time ago....


Oh I just noticed it lol


Autocorrect. Ugh.......


;u; I love llamas

Actually my name on the Xbox 1 has Llama in it...

But I'm super busy ;n;

I have to do a show Friday and I have a lot to do. (Yeah I act :stuck_out_tongue:)


Me! I love llamas!!!!


Woah! Cool club! ;u;

I'm currently really busy ;-;-;

So I can't do it ;-;


Relly :0 me to, actually, I don't have a show, I have more auditions and then I get to go to filming for my extra role YAY! I would tell you what show, but you might see my face and I don't want that :D


Can I join? My HS account is the bestest


My hopscotch username is EnchantedHopscotcher! c:


Congratulations! Accepted!


@smishsmash @blueedogmc @EnchantedAnimallover what do you want to make....Llama trail art


Llama trail art :D