@Liza Will there be a Halloween 2016 competition?


@Liza Will there be a Halloween competition this year?

An idea for prizes can be a free 1 year subscription for 1st, 6 months for 2nd and 3 months for 3rd .

You know the games at carnivals/circuses where you have to throw a ball at bottles or ring toss or throw darts at balloons.
If there is a Halloween competition this year, could the theme be Halloween inspired carnival games


IDK actually


I love this idea! :D


tries to think of bad things about this idea..

Hmm. Got none.


Plea say there is.... I so want a title.... WAIT.... I deleted hopscotch! Dang


Sometimes I have no idea what your saying xD


I can't wait for #hhc16!
(If there's any)


This is a great idea!


Nuuu it should be a free t shirt


I've had the same question for a while. I'm super excited to see if they have one this year! I'm brainstorming some Halloween project ideas... :smiley:


These are awesome ideas!

Like @EnchantedAnimallover said, I think it would be cool to have a T-Shirt as a Hopscotch Prize too!

I just thought of a cool idea for a Halloween Themed Carnival Game, if they do happen to do another #hhc16!

I really hope they do create another contest, I joined Hopscotch right as the contest started last year, and I didn't participate. ;(


You know what? I'm gonna start coding my game right now!


I've never participated in a Hopscotch contest but I have always wanted to! I hope there is one! :smiley:


I have the same question. Halloween is coming in a few weeks and THT has said anything (that I know of) about this.


This are great ideas! :smile:
Is there going to be a hopscotch Halloween Contest this year? :thinking:


I like the prize idea!! And yes I would LOVE for a Halloween contest!! @Liza

small revive

Anybody got an answer??


I hope their is!! Cause I have an awesome idea for it!!


Me too!


We could make one!! But it wouldn't be as good as THT's one!!